Mga Likha ni Inay

Mga Likha ni Inay’s mission is to become microfinance clients channel in marketing, promoting, advertising, consolidating, manufacturing and trading of Filipino products. MLNI, Inc. is committed to build a professional and sustainable marketing outlet that can respond to the needs of CARD microentrepreneur clients in promoting, developing, and expanding their business activities and in improving their quality of life.

Our mission is aligned with CARD MRI’s over all objectives of eradicating poverty. While our financial institutions like CARD, Inc., CARD Bank, CARD SME Bank, and Rizal Bank, Inc., provides services related to financial inclusion, Mga Likha ni Inay provides product development, promotions and market access for micro producers.

Mga Likha ni Inay, Inc. is more than a brand, more than a retail chain store. Mga Likha ni Inay, translated as “creation of mothers”, intends to ignite and realize the power of Filipinos.
MLNI’s concept is a dream realized. MLNI evolved from a marketing program of CARD-Business Development Service Foundation Inc. On August 2014, it became a separate entity and was known as the 14th institution of CARD MRI.